Barclays Bank Buys 8,500 iPads For Staff

by Mike on November 23, 2012

Barclays Bank Buys 8,500 iPads For Staff

When it comes to retail customers, both Apple and Microsoft have their loyal followings and both companies try to anticipate and cater to their client’s needs. However, in the corporate world, Microsoft has been the dominant company. For the last decade, many of the fortune 500 companies run their desktops on the Windows operating system and often times, decisions for new devices are made based upon the requirement that new devices integrate well within the network. As such, Microsoft has often had an advantage.

That’s not to say that Apple hasn’t been pushing their own products in the corporate world and today, the Cupertino company has scored a win in this column. Barclays bank which has its headquarters in London, England has confirmed that they have purchased 8,500 iPad tablets for their branch employees. This is believed to be the biggest individual order placed to date within the United Kingdom.

Obviously Barclays had a number of choices when it came to tablets. They could have gone with a Windows tablet, an Android tablet or even a Linux tablet, but during their decision making process, a key point of consideration was what did the employees want and in this case, the resounding answer was the iPad. Obviously this has to hit Microsoft hard seeing as they have launched Windows 8 and they also offer up the Surface tablet. The fact that companies are choosing Apple or another OS driven tablet can no longer be rationalized as Microsoft not having a comparable product.


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