Ballmer: Windows Phone 8 Sales Are Surging

by Mike on November 28, 2012

Ballmer: Windows Phone 8 Sales Are Surging

Microsoft had one of their shareholder meetings today and there were several revelations that came to the table. One of the more interesting ones revolved around handsets that were running on their latest version of their mobile operating system.

According to Steve Ballmer, Windows Phone 8 devices are selling at a rate that is quadruple that of Windows Phone 7 devices that were on sale last year. Ballmer went on to say that although the new OS has only been available for a couple of weeks, sales of devices that are powered by it are off to a “great start” with many of the handsets now being sold out around the world.

So, the question begs to be asked, why are Windows 8 handsets so successful and Ballmer responded to this by saying that their success had to do with the fact that new handsets have better hardware specifications and higher quality display screens. Take for instance, the new HTC Windows Phone 8 device which has a 4-inch display with 720p resolution and a dual core 1.5GHz CPU. With these kinds of specs, Ballmer believes that these devices are able to better compete with Android devices whereas last years crop of Windows 7 phones had weaker configurations and as such, couldn’t hold their own against Android.


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  • Brenton Klassen

    This is quite impressive!