Written By Mike

Most major companies now place an importance on green technology and being more aware of what impact their operations have on the environment. Apple is no different and has taken several initiatives to try and improve their footprint.

This past weekend, Samsung reported a fire at one of its data centers. The fire occurred at the SDS building which is located in Gwacheon, South Korea and as a result of it, several Samsung services were unavailable for many hours.

We’re once again reaching the point in the quarter where companies begin announcing their quarterly results and this coming Wednesday, April 23rd, Apple will step up to the plate to announce their second quarter results. So as to not rock the markets, Apple will announce their results after the closing bell and of course analysts […]

There’s been a lot of interest in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and many analysts are interested to see just how the device will measure up to Apple’s iPhone 5S. While the comparisons between the two devices are natural, retailers are looking for ways to push sales.