Written By Mike

There have been long standing rumours that near field communication would soon be seen in one of the new generations of the iPhone and this in turn would expand mobile payment systems beyond its currently limited scope. To date, this has not occurred. However, there are new rumours out that seem to suggest that the […]

Apple is such a large company with a variety of different products that it’s not unusual for them to have a number of rumours circulating around them at any given time. At this time of the year, iPhone rumours are always abound, but this year, these iPhone rumours are stronger then ever, simply because Apple […]

Microsoft has always had challenges with their tablet line up with customers complaining about high prices and limited functionality. Their first tablet didn’t sell as well as the company would have preferred but nevertheless, the company moved forward with the launch of their next generation tablet.

With Samsung facing some challenges with their shareholders, it was time for a change and just this month, we saw the South Korean company come out with their Galaxy Alpha handset. What made this device unique from the other Samsung handsets was the Galaxy Alpha had a full metal shell.