Written By Mike

In the history of the Pirate Bay website, we’ve seen the popular file sharing website go offline a number of times, but each time, the torrent site would be back online rather quickly with site admins vowing to come back bigger and stronger.

One of the challenges that online retailers always face is speed of service. Offering up lower prices than what is available in a bricks and mortar store is great but the downside for some customers is that you have to wait in order for the product to be shipped.

While Apple may be a US based enterprise, it is one that sells its products around the world and with that comes the fluctuations that we see in the daily currency markets. For the most part, these currency price changes are minimal, but these days, the Russian ruble has been anything but normal.

There have been many rumours regarding the Google Nexus 5 with many suggesting that this was the end of the road for this device. Of course, many fans were quite disappointed to hear this and really, who wouldn’t be. This was a pure Android experience and it was priced right with an unlocked handset running […]