Written By Mike

If there is one thing that can be said about the iPhone, it is that they are expensive smartphones. Apple recognizes this as do customers. Many customers are willing to pay the price for these premium phones and its why Apple has seen such strong profit margins.

Amazon has had a tough go with their first smartphone, the Amazon Fire Phone and while the company hasn’t ruled out the possibility of coming out with another device, it looks like the online retailer is taking steps to pull the plug on their first device.

There was a time when Samsung saw great success with their Galaxy S line up, an Android device that was considered their flagship device. Over this past year, we saw Samsung launch version 5 of this device and as always, executives had high expectations in terms of sales.

Mobile phones have seen transformations in all categories from faster processors, more RAM and improved screen resolution. One area where we’ve seen specialized companies try to introduce changes is in the strength of the display screens themselves and we’ve certainly seen improvements from the first flip phones.