Written By Mike

One of the gripes that is commonly levelled against Samsung and its mobile phones is the number of apps that come installed by default. These apps take up overhead on the phone and result in unnecessary bloatware.

For quite some time now, Samsung has been the provider of component parts for a number of major companies who use these parts for their own devices. At one point through, Samsung and Apple had quite a fallout and this resulted in both sides opening up lawsuits against the other.

We’ve seen lots of rumours in regards to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6. This is the South Korean company’s flagship handset and as such, their bread and butter. Often, the Galaxy line is compared with Apple’s iPhone line with comparisons done to see which device has more features.

Understandably, companies want the best employees for their business, one that can lead an organization to further growth. The higher up these employees are on the corporate ladder, the more opportunity they have to steer a company in a certain direction.