Written By Mike

With the success that Amazon had with their Kindle Fire tablets, it was only a matter of time before they moved into the phone market, hoping to generate the same kind of success. With that in mind, the online retailer came out with their Fire Phones just a few short months ago.

With Apple having come out with their new iPad, it was only a matter of time that various groups would perform their own teardowns of the device to reveal just want the innards include. iFixit is one such company and according to their own teardown, it appears that the iPad 2 has a smaller battery […]

It was last year when Google came out with their competitor to Apple TV. Their device was known as Chromecast and this simple dongle shaped WiFi device connected directly into your TV and using your home WiFi network, users were able to push digital content from their connected device to the TV.

With Microsoft’s contractual agreement with Nokia, it was only a matter of time before changes took place. While the changes have been gradually brought into effect, it appears that the Nokia Lumia name will shortly be disappearing.