Written By Mike

Samsung may be one of the more popular Android phone makers today, but if you look at their quarterly financial results, you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell. It was another challenging quarter for the South Korean company but to try and stem some of the negative press, the company’s Senior Vice President of Samsung […]

There are some companies such as Apple that are loved the world over, but there are other companies that are finding that their popularity is regional. There was a time when BlackBerry was the smartphone of choice within North America, but these days, it is not a sure thing that a company will go with […]

The Raspberry Pi took the development board niche by storm when it first launched and there was one big reason behind that and that was price. Since the release of the board, we’ve seen a number of uses that extend beyond its original use.

Google has always had a number of projects that they have juggled and on a number of occasions, we’ve seen them jump into the medical field. When you consider just how much data the search engine giant has at its disposal, one can see that perhaps they might be be able to generate new perspectives […]