AT&T Lumia 900 Ad Budget Greater Then iPhone

by Mike on April 9, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

For a number of months now, we’ve been hearing Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T talking about the upcoming Lumia 900 Windows Phone and finally, customers now have a chance to buy the new handset. Although there has been some promotion for this device, it is nothing compared to what we are going to be seeing very soon.

For customers that are not familiar with this device, that’s ok because soon, the airwaves are going to be covered with information about this smartphone. In fact, AT&T is getting ready to spend upwards of $150 million on Lumia 900 promotion over the next couple of months. This is a huge ad budget for this Windows Phone and according to Kantar media, it is even more then the wireless company spent on its iPhone promotion. Based upon their numbers, the second largest US wireless carrier spent $101 million in the first quarter of last year on iPhone promotion.

Some may wonder just why AT&T is betting so big on the Lumia 900 and it all boils down to the company looking for the next big product. Up until now, AT&T has had it very good with their exclusive arrangement with Apple, but these days, everyone is selling the iPhone from Verizon, C Spire Wireless, Sprint as well as a bunch of smaller carriers. As such, for AT&T get a one up on the competition, they’ve decided to see if they can find the next great smartphone and their bet is on the Lumia 900.


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