AT&T Drops HTC First Price To 99-Cents

by Mike on May 8, 2013


When a phone gets a little long in the tooth, you’ll often see mobile carriers begin to subsidize the price of the handset significantly in an effort to move the product. The HTC First is a Facebook phone that has received a lot of attention and it is relatively new so to see it receive a price drop this soon is quiet surprising.

As of now and for a limited time only, the HTC First is available through AT&T for the rock bottom price of 99-cents. Previously, this phone sold for $99 with a two year plan. It’s important to note that this is a limited sale that could last anywhere from a few days to perhaps a few weeks. AT&T has not given a clear timetable as to just when this sale will end so if you are interested, it’s probably better to pick one up sooner, rather then later.

The fact that AT&T has reduced the price this significantly could be an indication that the First is not performing up to expectations and that aggressive pricing is required to sell more units. The First was a Facebook phone that put a considerable amount of emphasis on social networking and of course Facebook in the hope of generating sales from fans of social media.


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