Apple’s iPhone Lags Behind Samsung In China

by Mike on March 12, 2012

Generally speaking, around the world, Apple’s iPhone has been a top seller, but there is one market, one big market where this is not the case and that is China. In fact, within the communist country, it is the Android operating system which holds the top position and the success of this OS is driven by Samsung.

All mobile phone makers are quite interested in the Chinese market simply because of the population of the country. Success in this market will lead to overall strong revenues for the individual companies. With regards to the iPhone, Apple just made another push by launching their smartphone on China Telecom, their second mobile carrier within the country. Although this is good news for them as it allows more customers to gain access to the device, there is one challenge that Apple faces and that is the huge lead that its rival currently enjoys. Within China, Samsung holds a market share that is three times larger then Apple with Samsung owning 24.3% of the market and Apple holding just 7.5%.

Still though, it’s not as if this lead is insurmountable, especially when you consider the love affair that people have had with Apple products. In fact, according to Apple’s own estimates, iPhone shipments are expected to increase during the remainder of 2012 by 52% bringing the total number of shipped devices to 137 million units. If the projections remain true, China will become the largest global market, surpassing even the United States. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that Apple can’t even launch their device on China Mobile because this mobile carrier makes use of a non-standard 3G technology that the iPhone does not support.


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  • Robert

    Android may be lacking some of the best features that its consumers are looking for but we can’t deny the fact that it has now surpassed Apple’s sales.