Apple Says iPad Success Due To Their Stores

by Mike on February 12, 2013

Apple Says iPad Success Due To Their Stores

It’s hard to believe that it has been less then three years since Apple launched their first iPad. Since the 2010 iPad launch, tablets have taken off but it was Apple that created this niche for other vendors. Earlier today at the Goldman Sachs investor conference, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer took a look back to the success of the iPad and he attributed it to the company’s own Apple stores.

In 2010 when the iPad arrived on the scene, Apple already had a well established retail business in mall locations and it was the ability of customers to be able to walk into these stores and pick up a tablet that allowed these devices to catch on. It was the hands on experience that let customers realize that these devices were different from laptops and also lighter. The Apple stores have been a model of success for the company and the average store today generates $50 million in revenue on an annual basis.

To date, the company can boast a retail presence that is 400 stores strong and the goal is to add another 30 locations. Most of these locations will be built outside of the Untied States, but in addition to this, the company also has plans to close and relocate 20 locations into bigger spaces. Based upon the company’s own stats, 10 million customers walk through the doors of an Apple store every week and with numbers like this, it is easy to see why Cook credits the success of the iPad to their Apple stores.


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