Apple Reduces iPhone 5C Production By 50%

by Mike on October 10, 2013


For the first time in their history, last month saw Apple announce and launch two iPhone models, namely the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. The 5c was supposed to be a more budget friendly device and one that would hopefully attract a crowd that was looking for a bit of variety when it came to colour choices.

However, we’re not even into the middle of October and there is now talk that Apple is looking to reduce iPhone 5c production by one half due to low demand. As we know, iPhone 5c sales just haven’t been there, especially when compared to the types of numbers that the iPhone 5s is bringing in. It’s because of this that Apple is said to be reducing 5c production from 300,000 units per day to 150,000 units a day.

While there are no official reasons provided, analysts have been quick to voice their opinion. Some are saying that a plastic iPhone just isn’t something that the market is looking for. Others believe that the launch window of the new iPhones required Apple to increase production to meet demand, but now that this window is closed, Apple is scaling back and placing more emphasis on the iPhone 5S which is still a device that is very hard to come by.


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