Apple Prepares Low End iPhone This Year

by Mike on July 8, 2011

The latest news on the Apple iPhone front is that Cupertino is not preparing just one iPhone model, but rather two separate devices that will make their debut in the fall. The second unit could be considered as a low end device, one that Apple hopes will address the growing competition that is being brought on by Google and their Android operating system which is being adopted by a number of different handset makers.

Based upon an anonymous source, it’s believed that that one of the two models to arrive this year will be the iPhone 5 while the second one is the cheaper device referenced above. This second model is one that is expected to function on prepaid networks. Currently, Apple does have two iPhone models that are available for purchase and these are the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. In regards to the new models that are expected to arrive this year, it’s not believed that the cheaper model will simply be the iPhone 4 but with reduced pricing. Instead, the second device is expected to be something similar to an iPod Touch.

There is some credibility to this rumor in the fact that Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook has said in the past that the prepaid market is one that they are examining closely and one that they want to address by making a more accessible device.

Via: Washington Post

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