Apple iTunes 9.0.2 Update Breaks Palm Pre Sync Feature

by Mike on October 30, 2009

Apple iTunes 9.0.2

The latest version of Apple [AAPL] iTunes, version 9.0.2 is out and is said to contain many enhancements and “fixes”. Palm Pre owners that download the new version of iTunes will find that once again that they have lost the ability to synchronize their smartphones.

It’s been a back and forth battle between Apple and Palm in regards to this issue and it was only about a month ago that Palm was able to re-enable synchronization after the release of webOS 1.2.1. Apple’s official response to all of this has been that they simply do not support third party synchronization solutions.

It should only be a matter of time before Palm has an interim solution to this Apple update, but long term, there doesn’t appear to be anything promising on the horizon as Palm has taken the case to the USB Implementer’s Forum, only to have the USB-IF side with Apple indicating that the use of another members vendor ID is prohibited.

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