Apple iPad Mini 2 Available This Coming October?

by Mike on July 20, 2013


Apple has a tradition of refreshing its main product lines on a yearly basis and when it comes to their tablets, most of the rumours suggested that the iPad 2 mini would not be available until next year. However, new rumours have come to light that suggest a different time line for the iOS tablet with the DigiTimes stating that the tablet will in fact be available this fall instead of 2014.

The DigiTimes is said to be getting their information from their contacts within Apple’s supply chain located in Taiwan. The rumours go on to say that LG has had their hands full manufacturing the Retina displays for these devices and in fact, it is estimated that two to three million of these screens will be available every month to meet the anticipated demand this October.

The iPad 2 mini is not the only tablet however that Apple is working on as the Cupertino company is said to be gearing up for the iPad 5 launch as well. For this device, LG will once again be supplying the panels and this time, it is estimated that 2.5 – 3 million panels per month will be needed. These panels will actually be used for both the iPad 5 as well as an earlier model and if the timelines are correct, the iPad 5 should be available in the Q3 2013.


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