Apple Has Received More Then One Million App Submissions

by Mike on November 19, 2012

Apple Has Received More Then One Million App Submissions

The history of the iPhone dates back five years with the first Apple smartphone showing up on the scene in 2007. At that time, there was no app store to speak of and customers that wanted to extend the functionality of their iPhone would have to jailbreak it so that third party apps could be installed.

This of course was not in Apple’s best interest as there was always a risk of their devices failing which could entail more in support costs. But, more then this, these third party apps offered a new revenue stream to Cupertino if they could just get a handle on it. As such, in 2008, Apple opened the virtual doors on their app store and in the last four years, their app store has now seen more then one million app approvals.

It was not Apple that provided this information so we can say that this is an estimate, but the details come by way of AppsFire, a third party site that keeps tabs on Apple. Although there may have been more then 1 million apps that have been approved by Apple’s review team, currently, the app store hosts 736,000 apps, of which 493,298 are paid apps while the remainder were free. One of the biggest niches in the App store is gaming and within this genre, there are 158,848 apps. If you’re wondering why there are fewer apps today then the one million that have been approved, this stems from the fact that Apple has had to remove apps due to copyright violations or possibly because a request was submitted by the developer.


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