Apple App Store Gets New Top Down Category: Catalogs

by Mike on March 7, 2012

With a stock market value of $500 billion or half a trillion dollars, it’s safe to say that Apple has got a lot of things right when it comes to their devices. Not only has Apple created the devices, but they have been experts in promoting them as well, positioning their devices as must have gadgets that will improve your technological experiences.

When Apple launches a device, you’ll often see others within the same industry try and mimic their devices simply because of how revolutionary they can be. Think for a moment how the iPod has chance the music industry and how many clones we’ve seen. Then look at the mobile phone industry and think of the iPhone and again, look at the tablet industry and think of the iPad.

Retail catalog shopping may not be in the same category as the above three, but it is a growth area that Apple is now looking at. Yesterday, it became apparent that the Cupertino company had introduced an entirely new category within the App store that was dedicated for the iPad and this category was called Catalogs. For now, the new category is vacant, but this is expected to change with the introduction of the iPad 3 today. According to Catalog Spree’s Chief Executive Officer Joaquin Ruiz, catalog shopping on the iPad has been a growth market one that has been steadily growing over the past year. In fact, the layout and design of the iPad makes it ideal for catalog shopping and in rural areas where shopping outlets may be limited, catalog shopping has become very popular. Ruiz has his own app for the iPad which is called Catalog Spree and according to his numbers, an average user that catalog shops spends about half an hour on each session. In Montana, this number is nearly double, coming in at 50 minutes.


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