Apple 1 Auction Brings In $668,000 Bid

by Mike on May 25, 2013


Today was the big day, the day that an Apple 1 computer was going up on the auction block. There are only six of these devices that are said to still be working and having one in your collection is said to be the holy grail of tech collectors.

With the auction now behind us, we can confirm that the Apple 1 had no problem selling and in fact, its sale raked in a record total of 516,000 euros or $668,000 US. It was Breker, a German auction house that held the auction and citing reasons of privacy, the winning bidder’s name was not revealed. The Apple 1 is what started Apple Inc. on its long road to where the company is today and in fact, these devices were actually being built in 1976 in the garage by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Along with the Apple 1, the anonymous bidder also received a Steve Jobs transaction letter and the Apple 1 is also said to have Wozniak’s signature upon it.

Prior to the auction, it was believed that this device would bring in anywhere from $259,000 and $388,000 but if last year was any indication, a similar device went to auction and brought in $636,000. This year’s sale exceeded expectations but were on par with the device that sold last year.


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