Android Powered Samsung Smart Fridge

by Mike on January 14, 2013

Android Powered Samsung Smart Fridge

After a long day of work, the inevitable question will come up, what’s for dinner? Sure you can set up menu plans in advance or for a last minute idea, check out recipe sites on the Internet, but Samsung is looking to bring some technology even closer to the kitchen, like right on the fridge itself.

CES 2013 has shown consumers a variety of different products that companies are working on to make the lives of ordinary people just that much easier and according to Samsung, one of the devices that they would like to see in the home kitchen is a smart fridge. This device includes a 10-inch tablet that is positioned on the front of the 32 cubic capacity four door fridge. The tablet which runs on the Android operating system comes preloaded with a variety of apps that are said to make meal planning that much easier.

To begin with, one of the apps is Evernote that will allow the creation of shared grocery lists. Through this app, you may notice that you want a certain food item added to a grocery list and once you’ve added it, your partner’s grocery list will be updated as well so that while he is out grocery shopping, he will have the most current list on his mobile device.

The fridge also includes a grocery manager. Once you’ve programmed it with what’s in your fridge and set expiration dates, the manager will give you a pop up menu to advise you just what is going to expire on any given day. Finally, once everything is itemized, the fridge will also be able to search Epicurious using the ingredients that are in your fridge and offer up suggested recipes.

Known as the T9000, this fridge is due out in 2013 but expect to pay a pretty penny for it as the sticker price on this device is $4,000.


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