Amazon: No $99 Tablet Coming

by Mike on March 20, 2013

Amazon: No $99 Tablet Coming

How low can prices go? For tablets, is a $99 tablet feasible, especially one that has the backing of a big company such as Amazon? Earlier today, there were reports suggesting that in fact, the online retailer was indeed working on a $99 tablet and it would launch this year.

That however was just a rumour and now, Amazon has gone on the record to say that this rumour is incorrect. The original rumour suggested that a 7-inch Kindle Fire was in the works and it would feature a display with a 1280×800 pixel resolution screen. It’s price would be set to compete with other low end Android tablets and in an effort to keep the price low, the company would introduce a Texas Instruments processor into the mix.

This however is incorrect with Amazon saying “It’s not happening”. Still though, TechCrunch, who broke the original story is standing by their first report suggesting that while Amazon will not go lower on their price for “that hardware”, that’s not to say that they will not introduce a new device that has slightly different specifications.

The idea of a $99 Amazon tablet would be appealing and there are many users that might jump at the opportunity. We’ll just have to see if Amazon does in deed come out with such a device.


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