AirMouse — The Next Big Thing In Navigating Comfort?

by Zack on February 3, 2010

AirMouse -- The Next Big Thing In Navigating Comfort?

Not that we’re complaining about the standard mouse we’ve all come to know and love, but people are continuously looking to make PC navigation technologies better. This was likely the premise behind the creation of the AirMouse, probably the first-ever “wearable” mouse.

Air Mouse

Canadian company Denmark Ltd designed the AirMouse, which is basically a glove-like device that’s meant to fit comfortably around your wrist, palm, index and middle fingers. The device has an optical sensor at the palm area and two touch-sensitive pads at the tips of the two fingers, offering the functionality of a standard mouse — but minus the strain.

The AirMouse was designed to align perfectly with the hand’s natural positions. The AirMouse’s technology seems promising, and should look cool once it comes in different colors (like black, I guess).

The AirMouse is still in its development stages, so when it comes out anywhere between 6-12 months from now, the technology should be streamlined and workable. (Which is good, because I’m worried about how the AirMouse would react when I started typing.) If you’re planning to get one for yourself, set aside $129 in advance.

Via: Walyou, GizMag

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