A Best Buy Android Tablet Launches On November 11th

by Mike on October 16, 2012

A Best Buy Android Tablet Launches On November 11th

November is going to be a big month for tablets and that’s because Apple is expected to announce their iPad mini next week, an iOS tablet that will go on sale the following month. With the launch of an Apple tablet, a large chunk of the media headlines will be devoted to this device, possibly at the expense of other tablets launching around the same time.

There are many companies that have their own tablet line-ups. Amazon has the Kindle Fire HD, Barnes and Noble have the Nook HD+ and seeing this, Best Buy feels now would be a good time to get into this action as well. As such, the retail box store has confirmed that they will be coming out with an Android tablet that features a 9.7-inch display. This tablet will go on sale on November 11th and the expected price will be somewhere between $239-$259. We first got wind of this tablet last week when Insignia posted a teaser to their Facebook page.

Although the details are sketchy at this time, from what we can gather, this tablet will be known as the Insignia Flex and it will come standard with Android 4.0. Aside from its 9.7-inch display, the Insignia Flex will run on a 1GHz dual core processor and it will have a 10 hour battery life.


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