$7 Facebook Promoted Posts Now Being Tested By Users

by Mike on October 3, 2012

$7 Facebook Promoted Posts Now Being Tested By Users

After Facebook went public, one of the challenges that the company faced was just how they would generate additional revenue to appease shareholders. This was viewed as a real concern for the world’s largest social networking site, one that Mark Zuckerberg promised to address.

Of course, the mobile platform will be one of the biggest sources of new money for the site, but as they say, every little bit helps. Facebook is now trying to expand their promoted posts. We’ve seen other social networking sites such as Twitter go head first with this idea whereby people can pay the website a fixed fee for which they can ensure that their content is seen by a large number of people.

Facebook would like to take this a step further and introduce this feature to the average user. The service is already available within New Zealand and now users within the United States can access it. The service costs $7 and for this upfront fee, you can ensure that your status update will be seen by as many as possible within your circle of friends. In addition to this, users of this service will also gain access to a backend tool that will tell them just how many people viewed their post.

Right now, the feature is in testing only. If you want to know if you are eligible, just have a look next to your Comment and Like buttons to see if there is a new Promote button.


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