600 Best Buy Locations Will Microsoft Store With A Store

by Mike on June 13, 2013


Microsoft has come to terms with the big box store Best Buy and soon, we will see 600 Best Buy locations house a Microsoft store within a store. This is quite a retail expansion plan for Microsoft and of the 600 new locations that will be opening, the majority of them or 500, will be within the United States while the remaining 100 locations will be in Canada at either Best Buy or their sister company Future Shop.

It’s believed that the rollout of these 600 new locations will be completed by the fall and we can expect these Windows Stores to range in size from 1,500 square feet and 2,200 square feet. The rollout of these new stores will also see some increase in complement as 1,200 employees will be trained to work in the stores. As these are Microsoft stores, you can bet that the focus will be solely on Microsoft products and we can expect them to carry the usual suspects including Windows PCs, phones, tablets, and gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One when it becomes available. These stores will also carry Microsoft software including the Office suite of products. It’s a good move for Microsoft to open these stores as it allows them to expand their presence within the retail market quickly and with a lower cost then if they were to move forward without Best Buy as their partner.


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