500,000 Facebook Home Downloads In 9 Days

by Mike on April 22, 2013


Just over a week ago, the world was introduced to Facebook Home and now 9 days since its launch, we can confirm that there have been half a million downloads through the Google Play store. Since its launch, we’ve known from Facebook that the app would only be available on a limited number of Android phones including the HTC First, One X, One X+, Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S III.

In addition to the limited number of handsets that were compatible, phones were expected to be running Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich as a minimum OS. This meant that most Android users would not have access to Facebook Home at this time and as such, perhaps the number of downloads would not be a good indicator of the popularity of this app.

What might be a better indicator would be user ratings and a recent look in the Google Play store did show that 10,301 users had taken the time to rate the application and of them, just over half gave the app a one star rating. In fact, it was exactly 5,840 that rated this app the lowest possible score available. For Facebook, this obviously can’t be good news but it will form the baseline upon which enhancements can be built.


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