3D Angry Birds Is Coming Soon

by Mike on July 18, 2011

We had mentioned at the beginning of this year that Rovio was looking to launch yet another version of Angry Birds and this one was different from all the other versions of this highly addictive game as it would be in 3D.

Well, it seems we have a little more information on this front. Expect to see the 3D version of this original game launch this October on the LG Optimus 3D mobile phone. The timing of this release will coincide with a Google Android 2.3 update which will enable this game to function correctly as the Android update will enable the conversion of 2D apps into 3D.

As soon as this update becomes available, the three dimensional Angry Birds will be enabled, but that’s not all as this 2D to 3D conversion feature will be available to any open GL based app. According to the popular tech blog Inquirer, the reason that the LG Optimus 3D is being shipped without the most current version of Android is so that they can be the first on the market with a handset that does not require 3D glasses.

In other news, LG is not the only mobile phone maker that is looking at 3D technology in their smartphones as HTC is close on their heels. However, HTC has not offered up any further information on when they will have 3D Angry Birds on their Evo handset, though you have to think that once the app is available on one Android phone, it should be available on the Evo as well.

Via: Pocket Lint

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