2013 Survey: iPad Is Number One Tablet

by Mike on April 28, 2013


The results of a new research survey are out and according to the results, the iPad is still the top dog within the United States. The 2013 J.D. Power consumer research survey ranked tablets on a 1,000 point scale and questioned consumers in five areas, namely cost, ease of use, performance, features and style/design.

Out of a possible 1000 points, Apple’s iPad scored 836 points, scoring high in all categories except cost. Comparatively, Amazon’s tablets came in second on this list with a score of 829 and they did very well in the category of cost. You may remember that about a year ago when Amazon came out with their Kindle Fire, racking up big sales during the Christmas holiday season due to their low price.

The J.D. Power consumer research survey was conducted in February of this year and in total, 1,857 consumers were surveyed. Aside from which was the most popular tablet and why, the survey also brought to light a couple of other interesting points. Take for instance the fact that Apple reportedly sold 19.5 million iOS tablets in the most recent quarter and the survey shows that users are unlikely to buy a new tablet any time soon. The 2013 survey also showed that only 27% of pollsters expect to buy a tablet this year.


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