200k Obscura Cuelight Luxury Pool Table

by Mike on September 23, 2009

Obscura Luxury Pool Table

A billiard game can be rather addicting and as fun as it is, is there a way to up the anti just a notch more? Enter the Obscura Cuelight pool table. This cool table takes the game of pool and introduces a tracking/projection system.

During game play, the overhead projector works in conjunction with motion detectors and sensors to track ball position as well as to add cool effects such as flame trails and a water ripple effect as the balls are in motion.

The pool table and the electronic technology behind it retail for $200,000 US but it is a cool pool table. Hopefully we’d see these game tables being purchased by some of the high end sports bars in the larger cities. It certainly would be fun to watch the professionals use this pool table to show off their trick shots and ball jumps.

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