128GB iPad Available For Sale

by Mike on February 5, 2013

128GB iPad Available For Sale

One of the complaints that have been levelled against Apple in the past is the lack of variety or options when it comes to devices. It’s because of this that some analysts have felt that Apple has been losing market share to other hardware makers.

In an effort to squash this charge, we’ve seen Apple come out with an iPad mini and there are now even rumours about a budget phone that is being called an iPhone mini in some circles. Today, Apple continues to expand their tablet options by introducing a new iPad. This is not the iPad 5 actually, but rather, it is the iPad 4 but with 128GB. The new iOS tablet is being developed for users that feel they need access to a little more storage space.

Within the United States, the 128GB model with WiFi + 3G will retail for $929 while in the United Kingdom, pricing for this device has been set at £739. If you don’t need access to a cellular connection and the additional charges that are incurred through your mobile carrier, you also have the option of the WiFi only model and this one is selling for $799 US or £639. While Apple’s website is showing that the new tablets are available for purchase, if you go to buy it, you will notice that there is a 1-3 day delay listed for availability.


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