10M Galaxy S4 Shipments Expected In 30 Days

by Mike on April 20, 2013


The Digitimes is reporting that Samsung is getting ready for a strong month of sales with the South Korean company estimating that 10 million Galaxy S4 handsets will be needed to meet customer demand. While Samsung has not gone on the record with this information, the Digitimes was able to secure it from their sources in the supply chain that are said to be close to Samsung.

In addition to this, the Digitimes has also said that it’s not just the first month of sales that will be strong, but rather, strong demand for the Galaxy S4 will be seen for the first quarter of sales with Samsung preparing 30 million units for Q2. As we know, Samsung has been pushing their S4 and at the end of April, we can expect the device to go live in 50 countries and on 327 mobile carriers. In the past, we’ve seen big pushes such as this only be met with supply shortages but Samsung is looking to try and keep these at a minimum. To do this, Samsung will have a hand in all aspects of the device assembly. Many of the components themselves will come from Samsung and the company will also assemble the units at one of eight plants that are located around the world.


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