100,000 Signatures Received To Legalize Unlocking Phones

by Mike on February 21, 2013

100,000 Signatures Received To Legalize Unlocking Phones

Got a gripe with something in the US? If you do, you can start a White House petition and if you manage to get enough signatures, the Obama administration is obligated to respond. You may recall that recently, the White House had to respond to a petition that was started which requested that the United States develop a Death Star.

While that one was funny and more tongue and check, this latest petition is on a more serious note. It was just about a month ago when it officially became illegal to unlock your smartphone unless your mobile carrier agreed. Obviously, this piece of legislation did not sit well with consumers and so an official petition was made to legalize the unlocking of phones.

There were only a few days left before this petition would close, but before its closure, the petition managed to receive 100,000 digital signatures. This means that we expect the White House to review this bill, see why it became illegal to unlock a mobile phone and perhaps reverse this decision. As of this time, there is no clear indication as to when we can expect an official response from the White House on this subject, but we expect that it shouldn’t take to long to hear something.


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