100,000 China Unicom iPhone 5 Pre-orders In One Day

by Mike on December 4, 2012

100,000 China Unicom iPhone 5 Pre-orders In One Day

It’s not like we need more proof on the popularity of Apple gadgets, but here we are, less then one day after China’s second biggest mobile carrier begins accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5 and already, China Unicom has seen pre-orders reach the 100,000 mark.

This is in advance of the official December 14th launch date, some ten days from now. In addition to the numbers being released by China Unicom, we have also heard that an additional 5,000 orders were received by Beijing Telecom when they started their iPhone 5 sales on Friday. Apple has opened the doors on global iPhone 5 sales with the Cupertino company confirming that they are expanding iPhone 5 sales by bringing it to another 50 global markets. Of course, every market is important for Apple, but China represents a very unique market for the company, simply because of the country’s population. China Telecom has been a partner of Apple for the past three years and this years sales comes after the two countries were able to come to an agreement back in September. Within China, the big prize for Apple is China Mobile which is the world’s biggest mobile carrier. So far, there are no official contracts in place, but China Mobile still has 15 million iPhone users on its network.


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